Modus QA creates sophisticated QA solutions for advanced radiotherapy and medical imaging devices. The Modus QA phantoms and software are trusted for daily testing, commissioning of new equipment, new techniques, and supporting the dosimetric and non-dosimetric testing of upgrades, repairs and software fixes. With over 6,500 QUASAR™ phantoms being used in more than 4,000 leading treatment centres worldwide, MODUS QA has earned the trust of not only the world’s foremost medical physicists, but of the patients they serve as well.

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Everything Modus QA builds revolves around the customers. Understanding the challenges medical physicists face on a daily basis, and that’s why for two decades, Modus QA pushed to develop comprehensive protocols and equipment that reduce QA testing time while ensuring absolute accuracy and confidence.

IBA QUSAR Complete Product Catalogue

Review the complete lineup of QUASAR™ QA products designed for advanced radiotherapy and to deliver trusted accuracy.

IBA QUASAR™️ Lineup Overview

At IBA QUASAR™️, we are unwavering in the pursuit of absolute quality assurance because pinpoint precision means life-saving treatment.
Shaping the Future of QA for Cancer Centers
Get a first-hand look at MODUS QA products and how to use them through comprehensive videos on the MODUS QA Channel.
Products Based on the Application

IBA Quasar: Extensive range of solutions based on treatment applications  involving MRI-guided radiotherapy, daily on-boarding imaging, cone beam optical CT scanning for 3D dosimetry nondosimetric QA, programmable respiratory motion phantom for E2E gating and motion management QA. 

Motion Management & SGRT

Machine Targeting

Geometric Distortion

MR Guided Radiation Therapy

3D Dosimetry

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