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For 50 years, IBA Dosimetry has been offering Quality Assurance solutions that maximize accuracy, efficiency, and patient safety for Radiation Therapy, Proton Therapy, and Medical Imaging. Through this experience we understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare professionals, and create products to support your life-saving work. You are dedicated to making a difference, and we are dedicated to being here for you. 

We proudly partner with over 10,000 global healthcare specialists, and welcome you to explore the resources below and join our community. 

Innovative & independent QA to maximize patient safety

IBA Dosimetry develops meaningful and innovative solutions that give medical physicists the accurate and reliable quality assurance results they need. Today, more than ever, we proudly leverage our independent, scientific background for a deeply human, life-driven mission: protect, enhance, and save lives.

Detailed Product Catalog for Radiation Therapy

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QA Solutions for Radiation Therapy and more

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Beam Scanning & Annual QA Solutions Brochure

Discover IBA Dosimetry’s complete range of Relative Dosimetry solutions in this brochure.

Machine QA Independent & Integrated

Accurate Linac Machine QA is a fundamental requirement for consistently safe and efficient patient treatments.

Detailed SMARTSCAN™ Brochure

SMARTSCAN™ plans precisely what needs to be done with smart automation and user guidance along the entire workflow.

Beam Scanning & Annual QA Solutions Brochure

Discover IBA Dosimetry’s complete range of Relative Dosimetry solutions in this brochure.
Product Categories

Discover our wide variety of products specialized for dosimetry, Quality Assurance, Patient Immobilization, and positioning dedicated for Radiation Oncology. 

Relative Dosimetry

Absolute Dosimetry

Patient QA

Machine QA

Imaging QA


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