Medical Imaging QA

IBA offers advanced Quality Assurance solutions for diagnostic imaging equipment: 

IBA Medical Imaging QA Overview

Quality Control in Medical Imaging with a complete range of Medical Imaging QA Solutions from Beam QA, Image QA, Display QA, and Dose Monitoring

Outstanding QA Solutions

IBA Dosimetry is your full QA solution partner, allowing you to provide quality control in medical imaging: Better image quality for improved diagnosis and therapy and advanced imaging dose control for patient safety. 

Preferred Partner of the Medical Imaging Industry

IBA dosimetry QA solutions are used by leading x-ray equipment manufacturers.

  • IBA Inside: Dose Area Product Meters from IBA are built into the highest standard x-ray machines powering patient dose safety
  • MagicMaX multimeter is used by x-ray service organizations and final testing
Complete Imaging QA Catalog
Medical Imaging QA​ IBA Dosimetry
Beam QA Solutions
Medical Imaging QA​ magicMax

MagicMaX Universal

High-end Multimeter solution for Beam QA in all X-ray modalities
Medical Imaging QA​ MagicMax

MagicMaX Current Probe

Invasive and non-invasive measurements of the tube current with MagicMaX Multimeters
Medical Imaging QA​

MagicMaX rad/flu/dent

Advanced beam verification and quality assurance for all x-ray imaging modalities
Medical Imaging QA​

10XF-3CT – Ionization Chamber

Light Field Alignment Checks

Imaging QA Solutions

Medical Imaging QA​ Machine QA

Primus A

Test Device for Quality Checks at Digital and Conventional Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray Units

IQ Analyzer Primus

Advanced software for automatic image analysis and quality checks in digital imaging

PMMA Phantoms for CT/CBCT

PMMA Phantoms for CTDI measurements


Test Device for 3D Image Quality of DVT Digital Volume Tomography

CT-IQ Phantom

Image QA for computed tomography
Display QA Solutions


Spot Luminance Meter for Display QA


For ambient light measurements of image display devices and at viewing boxes
Dose Monitoring Solutions

KermaX® plus TinO (Two in One)

DAP-meter and real-time dosimeter

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