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The Products we offer from IBA Dosimetry offers a broad range of different solutions for your Patient QA from SRS / SBRT small field to advanced Monte Carlo secondary dose check and plan QA. Find below our solutions for Patient Quality Assurance solutions devices and software to improve patient care and treatments in radiation therapy. 

Patient QA in Radiation Therapy myQA SRS Detector

myQA SRS Detector

Film-class digital resolution SRS / SBRT Detector

myQA SRS for Cyberknife

SRS/ SBRT QA solution dedicated for CyberKnife®

myQA® iON for Radiation Therapy

Log files powered by best-in-class Monte Carlo
Patient QA in Radiation Therapyu

MatriXX Resolution™

Highest resolution Detector for IMRT & VMAT


Most Advanced 3D QA Measurements


2-in-1 Patient Dose QA in 3D Patient Anatomy
QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom (pRESP) Patient QA

QUASAR™ Respiratory Motion Phantom (pRESP)

Programmable breathing and tumour motion simulator for end-to-end quality assurance on motion-guided radiation therapy systems

QUASAR™ Heavy Duty Respiratory Motion Platform

Programmable breathing and patient motion simulator for the quality assurance of motion-guided radiation therapy systems

QUASAR™ MRI⁴ᴰ Motion Phantom

Adapting for motion in Radiation Therapy requires advanced QA tools and the MRI⁴ᴰ enables you to develop, test and validate advanced 4D treatment delivery protocols on MR-sim and MR-Linacs.

myQA Patients

QA Software solution for gamma verification of dose distributions
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