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Patient Positioning in Radiation Therapy

Orfit’s solutions deliver everything you need to successfully position your patients comfortably for all radiation therapy techniques
Patient Positioning Systems for Radiation Therapy

Patient positioning in radiation therapy is crucial for accurately targeting cancerous tissues while preserving surrounding healthy cells. This process requires meticulous setup and verification to ensure that each radiation dose is delivered consistently and effectively across all treatment sessions. Precision in patient positioning enhances treatment efficacy, reduces potential side effects, and is fundamental to achieving optimal therapeutic outcomes. Orfits Products ensure:

  • Precision
  • Reproducibility 
  • Optimized Workflow 
  • Patient Comfort 
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Orfit offers a complete range of patient positioning and immobilization systems for: brain, head and neck, SRS, SBRT, supine and prone breast treatment, pelvic and abdominal treatment, extremities, MR and proton therapy. Select the treatment solution of your choice to learn more or connect with an Orfit team member for a personalized introduction to our family of products.

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Patient Immobilization Solutions

Patient immobilization plays a pivotal role in radiation therapy, particularly through the use of thermoplastic masks, which are designed to enhance precision, accuracy, patient comfort, and reproducibility. These masks are custom-molded to the patient’s face or body part, ensuring a snug fit that precisely and accurately holds the patient in the exact same position for each treatment session. This immobilization is critical not only for targeting the radiation dose to the tumor with minimal variation but also for protecting surrounding healthy tissues.

Additionally, modern thermoplastic materials are engineered to improve patient comfort, reducing the anxiety and discomfort associated with remaining still for long periods. The reproducibility facilitated by these masks ensures that each radiation treatment is delivered consistently, crucial for the cumulative effectiveness of the therapy regimen.

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