Patient Immobilization

Patient Immobilization Solutions for Precision in Radiation Therapy

The Patient Immobilization Systems from Orfit are an active component in achieving a high-quality radiation therapy and precise radiosurgery.
Thermoplastic Masks for Patient Immobilization

Orfit immobilization solutions ensure high precision, reproducibility and patient comfort, resulting in more precise radiation therapy and radiosurgery. Masks are engineered with stretch and shrinkage properties to provide a consistent, comfortable fit while restricting patient movement.

  • Non-stick design won’t stick to hair or skin
  • 100% memory with controlled shrinkage provides a perfect fit every time
  • Quick & simple mask preparation

All Orfit head, neck and shoulders immobilization masks are available with various combinations of prepunched cutouts for ease of use.

  • Nose only
  • Nose and mouth
  • Nose, eyes, mouth


All Orfit masks have a non-stick coating.

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An extensive range of Orfit masks is available to meet specific patient requirements and your immobilization preferences>

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Patient Positioning Solutions

Patient positioning in radiation therapy is a critical aspect of the treatment process, demanding the utmost precision, accuracy, and reproducibility. Accurate positioning ensures that the radiation is delivered precisely to the targeted tumor with minimal exposure to surrounding healthy tissues, reducing potential side effects and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Reproducibility is equally vital, as it ensures that the patient is positioned consistently in the same manner for each treatment session, which is essential for the cumulative dose to reach its intended effect without deviation. Precision in patient positioning not only enhances the treatment’s impact but also bolsters the patient’s confidence in the therapy’s safety and effectiveness. Together, these factors contribute significantly to the overall success and efficiency of radiation therapy.

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