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Based on innovative technologies, Orfit develops and produces the most precise and reliable thermoplastic materials for medical devices that improve patient treatment around the world.

Orfit provides Immobilization systems for cancer patients in Radiation Oncology

The Best Choice For High Reproducibility and Ease of Use

Orfit’s immobilization and positioning systems are the tools of choice for radiation therapists because they are easiest to use, while offering superior precision, reproducibility, and comfort for optimal patient care. Orfit has been tailoring products to the meet the unique needs of Radiation Oncology teams for more than 30 years and currently supports more than 1,500 customers worldwide.

Orfit Radiation Oncology Catalog

Discover the patient-centric solutions from Orfit

Orfit NANOR® Immobilization Masks

Patient Comfort with Optimal Limitation of Movement

Orfit AIO 3.0 Solution

One System for all Positioning and Immobilization needs

Orfit Solutions for Head & Neck

Supporting Accurate Positioning to help minimize setup uncertainties

Orfit Breast Board MAMMORX®

Accurately establish and reproduce patient positions in breast radiation therapy.

U-Frame and S-Type Immobilization

Thermoplastic Masks for Legacy Head, Neck, and Shoulder Base Plates
Product Categories

Orfit products and our market support are destined to offer you an important added value in your daily clinical practice where assuring a comfortable, reproducible and highly precise position of the patient is of critical importance.

Thermoplastic Masks

Patient Positioning Systems

MRI Safe Solutions

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