myQA iON Webinar IBA Dosimetry – Nov 10 at 15:00 (GMT+2)

Webinar Overview

Matthias Kowatsch and Philipp Szeverinski from the Institut of Medical Physics will discuss their experience with myQA iON, a new independent PSQA software environment which combines Monte Carlo-based secondary dose calculations with log file analysis using efficient dose evaluation tools. Learn how myQA iON can maximize efficiency and accuracy for your Patient QA.

Benefits of attending

  • Learn about the clinical benefits of Monte Carlo and log-based Patient QA
  • Gain an overview of myQA iON, the new PSQA software environment
  • Learn about clinical practice cases with QA examples calculated using linac log files

Webinar Information


November 10, 2022


10:00 AM EST / 04:00 PM CET


60 minutes


Medical Physicists

Quest Speakers


Guest speaker:
Matthias Kowatsch

Head of Radiotherapy Physics Groupe
Institut of Medical Physics – State Hospital LKH Feldkirch


Guest speaker:
Philipp Szeverinski, PhD

Medical Physicist
Institut of Medical Physics – State Hospital LKH Feldkirch


myQA iON Overview

myQA® iON is your distinctive, independent secondary dose Patient QA software environment. It combines log files with a best-in-class SciMoCa™ Monte Carlo algorithm in an accurate and efficient workflow. Quickly and independently assess dose distributions to identify any potential errors or deviations. Validate your most demanding treatment techniques while ensuring patient safety without compromise.

The pairing of myQA®iON and ScandiDos® Delta4 Phantom+® provides you with a unique dual-purpose solution for your pre-treatment and treatment dose verification for all currently available treatment methods and linacs.

myQA iON offers you:

  • Fully automated 3D plan verification workflow
  • Easy identification of any sources of errors using the SciMoCa Monte Carlo algorithm and log files
  • Use of daily logs to explore the relevance of dose deviations from the treatment planning software or delivery system
  • Delivery of even the most complicated treatments with confidence
  • Measurements with the most accurate 3D verification system


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