Patient Immobilization

U-Frame Immobilization Masks

Superior patient immobilization with U-Plast thermoplastic masks

The benefit of the UON line of U-Frame immobilization masks is that the unique thermoplastic material provides superior bending capabilities with low shrinkage and a water-based, non-stick coating. UON masks are also available as an open face mask to fit almost any U-frame base plate in your department.

U-Frame Immobilization Masks

The UON U-shaped head and neck mask by Orfit Radiation Oncology combine the unique features of U-Plast thermoplastic material with a newly designed U-shaped frame that is stronger with an improved bending stiffness. This leads to a more sturdy mask.

Key Features:

Each mask is also treated with a unique water-based, non-stick coating, which ensures a much more comfortable patient experience.

  • For easy handling of the fixation mask during the moulding of the mask.
  • No risk of accidental bonding to the heating equipment or itself.
  • The material can be applied on the skin without moistening or lotioning.
  • No need to use silicone spray to prevent sticking.
  • When stuck to itself or to accessories, it can be pulled apart easily.
  • High comfort for the patient.

The UON U-Frame Immobilization masks are highly reliable with very low shrinkage, which means they are very accurate and easy to use, helping to support increased patient throughput. The masks mold at 65°C – 70°C (149°F – 158°F) and can immediately be placed on the patient’s face after they are towel dried for additional patient comfort and faster treatment set-up.

The new UON U-Frame masks are compatible for use with virtually all base plates, regardless of manufacturer. Orfit also offers a full range of carbon fiber laminate and high density plates and couch extensions for use with UON and DUON.

  • Allows three-dimensional moulding with comfort and ease for both patient and user.
  • Remouldable: corrections are possible in case of error or changes in the anatomy of the patient.
  • Keeps shape and size determined by the user during the molding process.
  • There is no risk of excessive pressure or compression.
  • Low attenuation.

Thermoplastic Masks with U-Frame Profiles

U-Frame Immobilization Mask UniFrame UON Orfit

UON Head Mask – 2.4 mm

Hybrid perforation - IMRT Compatible

UON Head Mask – 2.4 mm

Micro+ Perforation

UON Head Mask - 2.4mm

Maxi Perforation

UON Head Masks - 3.2mmm

Maxi Perforation

UON Open Face Hybrid Mask

U-Frame Immobilization Masks UniFrame Masks Orfit Masks Thermoplastic masks

UON Head Mask with Neck Flap

2.4mm with Micro+ Perforation
U-Frame Immobilization Masks UniFrame Masks Orfit Masks Thermoplastic masks

UON Head Mask with Neck Flap

3.2mm with Maxi Perforation
Meet specific patient requirements using Push-Pin Immobilization Masks.

An extensive range of Orfit masks is available to meet specific patient requirements and your immobilization preferences>

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U-Frame Patient Positioning Solutions

Patient positioning in radiation therapy is a critical aspect of the treatment process, demanding the utmost precision, accuracy, and reproducibility. Accurate positioning ensures that the radiation is delivered precisely to the targeted tumor with minimal exposure to surrounding healthy tissues, reducing potential side effects and increasing the effectiveness of the treatment. 

Reproducibility is equally vital, as it ensures that the patient is positioned consistently in the same manner for each treatment session, which is essential for the cumulative dose to reach its intended effect without deviation. Precision in patient positioning not only enhances the treatment’s impact but also bolsters the patient’s confidence in the therapy’s safety and effectiveness. Together, these factors contribute significantly to the overall success and efficiency of radiation therapy.

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